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Babysitter Chaos by Deyran Babysitter Chaos by Deyran
Sooo, this is my response to ~sleyf 's awesome deviation "Tiny Allies" [link] , which I promised to finish ages ago... Unfortunately, all possible problems decided to leap on me all at once, so, I was a little occupied the past few days.... But, hey, here it is!
The point was to make a crossover involving some of Sleyf's characters (preferably the little, animal-like ones) and some of mine...
What I thought was, what would happen, if Sleyf's OC Irris [link] were to leave his children Imayou, Cier and Nerren in the care of his Familiar (and ancestor) Hekl? And if my OC Deyran's Familiar Ark decided to help him? Well, some ther characters would decide that it'd be too dangerous to let the babies alone with those two, and would butt in to help, or just for fun!
So, The giant badger like creature in the back is Sleyf's Sugar the Mute Seeker [link] (yes those don't have ears) , which makes for a cuddly bed for Cier (the baby in pink) , the youngest of Irris' triplets and a swing for her older sister Imayou.
Their brother Nerren plays dragon slayer, and my character, Deyran's dragonlet Leathara is the unfortunate enemy dragon.... You should never startle a dragonlet, especially when there's someone standing right infront of it. In this case, Ark, who was ranting about anything and everything and had poor Lea listen to his complaints, just got a wee suprise...
Now, Sleyf's character, the cute and generally awesome William was so kind to lend us his amazing Chick Choir (the name can be a tad misleading, just so you know [link] ) to provide some musical entertainment. Hekl is an Imaroth [link] and a particularly broody one at that. He has the tendency to sit on anything resembling an egg... Now, he decided to 'take care' of the Chick Choir's youngest member, much to it's mother's dismay....

Hope you guys liked it! It was quite fun fitting all these characters into one pic... And I sort of like the outcome.... ^_^
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BlueNephelim Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh dear lord. O_O Utter madness ensues...

Great work getting all these characters into one piece together; you worked so much in here! Very nicely done - even if they are about to wreck everything. ^_^
Deyran Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011
Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
Yeah, it was sort of tricky to fit them all together, but I sort of like the outcome...
Oh, that's for sure, when Irris comes back to pick up his kids, he'll be met with what's gonna look like a battlefield... That smells of roasted chicken... O_O
BlueNephelim Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome - it's a really fun picture! Granted, there's no way it won't end with a trip to the hospital or something... O_O
Deyran Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011
:lmao: It's most likely gonna be just like that! Although I'm pretty sure that the one being taken to the hospital is gonna be whoever tries to 'save the situation'.... I'm thinking of Irris in this matter...
Sleyf Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awww :lmao: Its brilliant! I never expected this! :lmao: too dangerous indeed, I imagine Ark yelling and Hekl ignoring or else screeching "Hekl be a Mighty Imaroth! He does not need advice from pestilent weaklings!" (because everybody is a weakling even if they're not!) and then while they're arguing (or lets say while Hekl gets distracted by the members of the chick choir, all hell will break loose, because really Nerren is trouble, and Cier and Imayou seem to like pulling feathers out of feathery things...then you add loose flame to the equation and something big and furry and can't end well (with a couple of roasted chicks too! "noooo")

I love the chaos in the picture! Because there really is a lot of it going on...I imagine a lot of much for babysitting...I also imagine Sugar to be a little perplexed, she's more used to dealing with behaved people *sticks nose in the air*

Deyran Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2011
Yay, I'm glad you like it!
Ooooh, that'd end in complete and utter chaos! And Ark does hold grudges..."Weakling? WEAKLING?!! I am the Familiar of the Lady Jelanya, the mightiest Coven Leader the Western Kingdoms ever knew! I will not tolerate such insults from a... an--- Idiotic black CHICKEN!!" (Yes, he's good at wildly exaggerating...And arrogant as all hell)
Ooooh, I predict epic disaster.... Even more when Irris and Skelt walk in on this scene...
Yeah, I needed something big and fuzzy to balance out all the feathers... So Sugar kinda got dragged in...
Sleyf Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooooh no he di'ant! Hekl never forgets people who mention (the chicken jibe!) he's very sensitive about that! Fight fight fight! *bangs fists on table in time with the words*
Well it has to be said that Irris is actually pretty good at calming situations! He's also very good at looking after small children/babies/small animals :D Skelt might be a problem though...she does get a little flustered and possibly isn't the best adapted mother in the world, but she makes up for it in love! *squeezes*
Sugar is like a big beanbag, so she'd be there to cushion Hekl's fall when Ark hurls him across the room :lmao: (maybe not in Hekl's large Imaroth form, he'd flatten poor Sugar!)
Deyran Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011
Heh, i'd guess... I wonder who would win if those two were to fight one another... A fight of Familiars, what do you think?
Heh, even he would have some trouble calming down this situation without a couple buckets full of water... *hands over fire extinguisher*
:lmao: Yeah, I always imagined her to be really soft and fluffy...*snuggles*
Poor Hekl, though I'm not entirely sure who'd be hurling whom across the place...
Sleyf Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Depends, Ark can change shape can't he? Hekl can't, he can only rely on his physical fighting skills (and his human form)
:lmao: yay for buckets of water! Although he can freeze time momentarily, or turn people into other things for a how would Leathara like to be human for a while :nuu: or worse, I'm sure Ark wouldn't appreciate being human...they're so weak and soft.
Yep their fur is silky soft and thick, great for keeping warm, Mute Seekers are great companions because you can sleep amongst them and stay nice and cosy!
:lmao: I'm not either, I imagine both are all just hot air and no action *hurls insult but stays put*
Deyran Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011
Heh, so I guess he'd have a hard time with Ark... But still, Imaroth have some really impressive talons, so unless Arky goes the easy way and shifts into a dragon or anything of the sort, their brawl would be a sight to behold... :fear:
:lmao: Oh, that wouldn't be nice! I don't think Lea would know how to walk on two legs... Or even keep herself warm without her fire... Oh, and Ark's tried being human a coupl,e times... They're too clumsy and squishy for his liking, but he does see a selling point in our opposable thumbs...
Mgmmmm *snuggles*.... Must really be something... So they'r elike the Sel Island response to our dogs?
:lmao: That's probably how it would be... That is, until one of them used 'that-word-that-must-not-be-mentioned-under-the-penalty-of-death', be it 'weakling', or 'chicken', then all hell would break loose!
Sleyf Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It most definitely would...can Ark turn to mist or something, because that way he could shift out of Hekl's talons if he ever got a hold of him! *clash of the Titans!* of course I imagine their respective witches leaping about in encouragement (although in Irris' case it'd be silent...with quite a lot of arm waving, but don't worry Hekl can hear him!)
Aww I imagine her tottering around with her arms out trying desperately to stay walking *gets the momentum to keep her going* as long as no one gets in her way she'll be fine walking until she comes across a wall or something :D
That at least is one thing Ark and Hekl have in common, their opinion of being human, although Hekl only likes it because he doesn't end up smashing anything with his "Mighty physique"
Sel Island have dogs (they're wolfy sort of things) but Mute Seekers are much much better, they have a higher intelligence, are bigger, and can take much more initiative. They're just as loyal though
They'd be hard pressed not to use those words then :D as both are arrogant as hell and would get rubbed up the wrong way by the other very fast!
Deyran Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011
Well, technically, he can vanish into thin air, by simply abandoning his physical shape, but that'd mean giving up a lot of energy... And retreating away from his enemy! Never! He'd rather turn into something really tiny to slip through Hekl's grasp, and then kick his feathery ass into next month! *bellows*
:lmao: I can imagine that. Though, can't Irris use his telepathy to communicate with everyone? Witches can do that, right? And how else would he be talking, like he did in that SGLP you showed me recently?
Oww, the poor thing! But believe me, once Deyran found out about this, Irris would find himself with more than just his voice missing. If anyone trier to harm her adoptive child, Deyran goes berserk. Trust me, that happened before. Maternal instincts aren't to be ignored...
Heh, I guess it wouldn't be practical to have to waddle around as a giant masked bird... *causes panic*
So they're like better dogs? Cool. They're still carnivorous, right?
Ohh, you can say that again! So either way, a 'Clash of the Titans' would be inevitable!
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